Team and player photographs from the CSNSA Vegas Worlds, 2019.


CSNSA Las Vegas 2019 Tournament Photos 

PLEASE READ ME! These photos are now for sale! All the team links are below.

The ~10,000 photos from CSNSA Vegas 2019 are for now for sale. They are available as digital downloads or as prints (on photo paper, metal, or canvas). 
When a digital download or print is purchased, my logo will NOT appear on the file and they are then cleared to share on social media, etc. Please DO NOT simply screenshot any of these images that have my logo on them, as that is considered stealing. 

This year I've changed the pricing model, team photos are now the same price as individual player pics, and the more you buy, the cheaper they get. My hope is most teams purchase all of their pictures in a bundle and then share with the players on the team.  

Digital file prices are as follows:

1 for $5.004 for $16.00 ($4 each) • 8 for $28.00 ($3.50 each) • 15 for $45.00 ($3 each)
30 for $75.00 ($2.50 each) • 50 for $100.00 ($2 each)  • 75 for $112.50 ($1.50 each) •
100 for $125.00 ($1.25 each) 75% off!

After purchase, the digital photos need to be downloaded on a computer (not a smartphone) since they will be bundled together as a zip file.

I realize that the multiple photo selection interface here on the site isn't the greatest... So for large orders, if you want to purchase any more than 30, please create a favorites list of the photos you want (using the heart icon and saving it with your email address), then email me and I will help you finish the purchase process.

I've also reduced the cost of the larger metal and canvas prints significantly since the last tournament, so if you want one for your wall, that's a great option. The digital download files aren't really the proper resolution for enlargements, so the best approach is to purchase them from me here on the site. 

I'm here to help, so let me know if you have any trouble or questions!


Jeff Straw

Player and Team Photos Sorted by Team Name